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Valley Apostille serves corporations and individuals that need documents certified by local & State authorities and Federal Agencies, The U.S. Department of State, and Foreign Embassies and Consulates.

As a professional firm, acting as your agent, we handle your documents safely, accurately and in a timely manner, regardless of where you are located. Not only do we expedite the legalization process, but we provide you with assurances that your documents have been processed in the correct manner as required by the various governing authorities. We mind the details and calendar, so you don’t have to!

Unlike many other countries, U.S. Notaries Public are publicly commissioned, certified officials. They are expected to follow strict guidelines and written rules. As official representatives of the State, they certify the proper execution of legal documents. When you are using official U.S. document overseas, you will also need proof that your documents certifications and seals are valid. There are two main ways to provide that proof: Apostille and Authentication Certificates.

While the responsibility for requesting the apostille and/or authentication certificate is yours, our team of knowledgeable experts will help facilitate the traditionally complicated, often cumbersome process of authenticating official documents for use domestically, as well as in foreign countries. Using our professional services will give you the peace of mind, save you time, and relieve you of the frustration often associated with this process.

With us, delays and processing times are significantly reduced. We have done all the necessary research and know the exact submission requirements to meet crucial bureaucratic regulations and submit your documents in-person, directly to State, Federal and Foreign Embassy Authorities. Learn More.

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